Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Ok, seriously. I set up a blog and then ignore it? What kind of person am I?

So here's to a new year and hopefully a resolution I will stick to. To regularly update and actually USE this blog! Since I have so many projects on the go at all times, this just might help me keep track of it all.

Ok. First up. Ultra Long Stockings!

I found this knitting book from 1973 (the year I was born) in Value Village and I had to have it.

Full of early 1970's looks, some good, some, well.....not so good. I instantly fell madly in love with a pattern called "Striped Stockings"

I love long stockings. Store bought, hand knit, even hand sewn (yes, I do have a vintage sewing pattern for stockings. Will show that off in another post). So I knew I had to knit these....just not how the pattern originally is! A gal has to modernize ya know!

During a last minute, pre-Christmas run to Romni Wools , a favourite yarn shop of mine, I stumbled across Supersocke 100 Wellness III Color (stumbled across....HA! I gravitate towards the sock yarn section at Romni. It's the honest truth. I knit alot on transit! Socks are easy and portable and don't take up any room beyond my personal space). I chose colourway #1318, a lovely mix of pink, grey, red and black. And used this yarn to knit Diana Biggs' Striped Stocking Pattern.

The original pattern calls for 4 different solid colours, original yarn in the 1973 pattern is Sirdar Top Line Nylon DK. This yarn is unfindable in an online search, and given that the pattern is 37 years old, it's safe to say it's long been discontinued. The pattern is simple, a 1 x 1 rib all the way through, switching colors every 27 rounds and decreasing every 12th round after the first 45 rounds down from the original CO of 86 sts to 58 sts at the ankle. Basic heel, basic toe. I maintained the rib, the decrease, did a slip stitch heel flap (I admit to being rather partial to a slip stitch heel flap on a simple sock) instead of the basic St st flap in the original pattern.

Here is the first stocking, finished! (second is on the needles)

The striping on the second stocking isn't going to match up to the first (it could, but I can be lazy that way), so I think I'll call these Pippi Longstockings!

Next on the agenda is a sewing project, pattern from 1973 found at Value Village. (I think I may have a soft spot for that year!)

Simplicity 5914 (note the original price on the pattern? $1.00! Canadian! I paid about $0.69 at Value Village, most patterns at my store run that price, a handful for one reason or another are $0.99.)

Went to The Workroom down on Queen West in my 'hood (Parkdale) and picked up some fantastic cotton fabric!

Will be doing View 2 with the contrast collar & cuffs shown in View 1. The purple print is the main body of the dress and the peach will be the collar & cuffs. Might make a matchy matchy bag if there is enough fabric left over. Still have to pick up some interfacing, then I can get started!

So that's what's on tap at this exact moment. Well....not really. Have a pile of other projects sitting around. Need to sort through them to tell you all about them! And show the finished Pippi Longstockings once stocking #2 is done and they're on my legs. And show off the dress during construction and after!

See you soon!

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