Saturday, April 4, 2009

My obession with ModPodge

Please excuse me, I'm slightly high on the fumes.

I made a trip to Michael's Arts and Crafts last week (and since the closest one to me is at the Dixie Value Mall in Etobicoke, that's an hour trip between the Queen West Streetcar and the Mississauga transit system, ah well, at least Queen West is interesting from end to end!). I picked up a few things I needed/wanted, some fabric paints in dark colours, some interesting stencils, some varnish, ribbon, paper and ModPodge.

See, a few weeks ago during a trip to Value Village (I lurve the Value Village), I grabbed a serving tray for $2.99. Just a plain ol serving tray, white laminate with wood. Boring really. And I've been wanting a nice, slightly funky serving tray for my afternoon tea (I have an obession with the English ritual of tea. Something about cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, I don't know). So my idea was to create what was in my head.

Lovely, isn't it? :) Here's what I used:

1 bottle Folk Art craft paint in Lavender
1 sheet of purple and white scrapbook paper with scalloped edges
2 lengths of purple ribbon with white flowers
1 bottle ModPodge and 1 bottle varnish.

I painted the entire surface in the Lavender, three coats total since I'm lazy and didn't prime the dang thing. Then a layer of ModPodge over the serving surface and stick down the scrapbook paper and two lengths of ribbon. Three layers of varnish over the entire tray. One handy, lovely serving tray!

And thus was born my obession with ModPodge. This stuff rocks! What took me so long to figure that out? For years I've been using substandard craft glue. In fact, my first effort with regular glue didn't even adhere the paper to the surface, I could lift the paper right off, which is what sent me off to Michael's.

It's not perfect, I folded the ends of the ribbon but didn't properly press them down so they kinda stick up at the ends, but oh's just for me.

Now fascinated with ModPodge I took a laminate serving tray I've had for years and glued down more scrapbook paper and ribbon. It's not as nice as the one above, but it's still nice enough for my personal use.

I also fancied up a camel coloured cord jacket I picked up at Value Village. It's a really nice jacket, fits great and I love it, but it was kinda....boring. Just plain ol camel coloured cord.

Break out the stencils and fabric paint!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Never enough!

Why do I do this to myself? I pop into ye olde yarn shope (Romni Wools on Queen Street West here in Toronto, I highly recommend the place!), and purchase yarn for this project and that project and I never....ever....EVER purchase enough! Right now sitting on my ironing board is a pile of projects in which I must purchase more yarn to complete.

One shrug
Two crochet shawls
One purse
One sweater
One scarf

Being unable to finish these right now, since I've no cash for the yarns, I then go puttering through my many magazines and books, pick a pattern I like and dig through my stash and check gauge. And all the while knowing that in the end I'll have to add the new projects to the awaiting yarn pile because I've only purchased a small amount of the yarn I chose or I'm using the remnants of yarn from a finished project.

Then when I do get the yarn I need, I'll also purchase two or three skeins of another yarn and the cycle begins again.

Will I ever learn? Probably not.

And my downstairs neighbours are screaming again. I can hear them loud and clear. I've this terrible fear that one day I'll have to call the police and have a real life CSI investigation in the apartment below mine.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My bad

Well, looks like it's been, what, over a year since I bothered to get up off my lazy arse and update this place. My bad. I meant this blog to be something better than I let it be, and now I mean to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

So I have been busy, just not with blogging. Let's see, I finally managed to get something similar to organizing in my sewing/computer room, the only issue left is to actually maintain that organization, yes? I've stocked up my fabric stash, my yarn stash, my vintage pattern stash, my old clothing stash and my library, I'm really good to go further here.

So let me make a bit of a pledge, yes? I solomly swear to update this blog once a day, even if it's just to say Meh.

Things I find at the Thrift Shop, and what I do with them.