Friday, January 7, 2011

Vintage Knits

Did not get a chance today to slip downtown to the fashion district for interfacing and other goodies, trapped in the home office with a proposal.


Just as well I guess. It's pretty chilly out and my house is nice and warm. I did get a chance, while waiting for email responses, to scan a vintage knitting booklet I found at Value Village, just the loveliest thing really. I *think* it's from the 1940's, based on the hairstyles and clothing styles. Warning, this post is image heavy! But worth it if you love vintage, vintage knitting, vintage clothing, vintage get the idea!

The front cover. Note the original cost of this booklet (which is a 30 page booklet). Fifteen cents! As you can see, I paid $1.99. I saw a similar booklet by the same yarn company online today on sale for $11. Love that Victory Curl!

This is a lovely ad for the yarn this booklet calls for. Fluffydown, it's a bulky yarn that knits up to 3 sts per inch (according to some research I did).

First pattern is the Sports Jacket, containing many, many buttons. Lots of buttons down the front of that. If I knit this (and let's be honest, I'm gonna eventually), I think I'll reduce the number of buttons, since they put the buttonholes in the single crochet edge. Not sure right now how many buttons, how big and placement I'd use, but yeah, not as many buttons. The yoke, sleeves and bands are an interesting looking pattern of two rows k1 p1 rib and 2 rows garter stitch.

Afternoon Pullover. Not sure about this model's hairstyle, but she looks a little Jean Harlowish, don't you think? The pattern on the sweater is neat. From the instructions:

"Smocking - Using brown wool and starting from the lower edge of front sew together the first three K ribs. Oversew three times and fasten off. Skip next three K ribs and sew together the next three K ribs. Continue to sew the K ribs together as illustrated"

Sports Pullover, modeled by the lady from the front cover and a puppers. I like this one.

Ski Cardigan. Apparently a Lady skied in a skirt. Not in pants. A skirt.

She also plays Badminton in a skirt. 11 little buttons.

This sweater is just plain pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

A sports sweater. Nothing fancy, plain rib, but with a bit of embroidery at the front neck.

The Sailing Cardigan.

The Sport Jacket. Note the lovely hairdo. This is not a sports hairdo. If I ever manage to coax my long and thick hair into those lovely little curls, sports is not what I will be doing.

The Bed Jacket. My maternal grandmother had some of these (no, she did not knit them sadly. She had MS and couldn't. But she was always 'done' and ladylike.)

The Evening Jacket. Another pretty sweater.

And two sweet little sweaters for girls.

And a picture of the yarn itself.

Hope you enjoyed that! I know I do everytime I open that booklet! I've got one from the same era for men (full of giggles) from Beehive which I'll share in a future post.

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