Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy, Lazy

I am so terribly lazy with regards to this blog, and I've no idea why. I always have the bestest of intentions with it, and then I utterly forget about it! I promise, from now on I'll try my best to be less negligent of this space of mine.

Since April? Well, let's see...I started a new job, my cousin owns a dance school out in Oshawa, ON and I now am her Office Manager. It's pretty fun, not high stress, the kids are great and I now can say with confidence that I know what a ball change is. Not so sure yet about Kitchycoo.....if that's how it's spelt.

Anyway, since said job is in Oshawa and I live in Toronto, I now commute like mad, resulting in most of my creating being small knitting or crochet projects that I can toss into my bag and pull out on the GO Train. Consequently, I have now become an official Sock Knitter (since socks are small and portable!). In honour of this, I joined the group Sock Knitters Anonymous on Ravelry. Fun group of folks! And some seriously good knitters in there as well. They also have something called a SockDown each month, and I am participating in my second one.

For the first month (you have two months to actually finish any given project you pick up under each month's rules) I decided to knit something I have been wanting to knit since I first picked up the needles to make yards and yards of garter stitch scarves. Severina's Skull Stockings I've got one stocking done, the second is on the needles and I had some difficulty with it. Ok, I had difficulty with the math. She based the stockings on a combination of a 1942 stocking pattern (the top of the stocking) and an Elizabethian stocking in terms of the increases and decreases for the shaping. The numbers she gives are way to big for my legs (which really, made me feel pretty good, since when I cast on initially I was having a Fat Day, you know how those are....). So, I frogged and measured and calculated and cast on again and halfway through found fresh new proof of an accepted fact.

I suck at math.

Frogged again, measured again, including the portion of my leg that I forgot the first time I measured...the very important knee....and calculated again and this time, got it right!

4 (2)

Lovely, yes? I'll get the second one finished as soon as I finish my March SockDown....lacy little ankle socks

2 (7)

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